Switch head on photos ?

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I need some help on how I could switch head on photos perfectly without it looking unreal? I have PS7, and so far what I have done is open the image with the head in it that I wanted to use, then used  the selection tool to select the head. I used the lasso. Once I have selected the head I saw the marching ants around it and did the Edit>Copy. I opened up the image that I wanted to put the head into and did the Edit>Paste. I used the move tool to position the head but my hand is so shaky that I can't get a good lasso on the head. It looks really weird when I paste it on. How do I resize? And what about blending the edges of the picture so that it doesn't appear to be pasted on? Any suggestions?

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Switch head on photos ?

Hi Dawson,
It’s very easy and interesting how to change face with 100% accuracy in Photoshop 7 i will tell you in steps to make it easy for you
1: As you told your using PS 7 open it
2: In menu bar the first one is file click open
3: Take any two pictures for which you want to change there face
4:  First picture with active layer select rectangular marquee tool by clicking after then select the face by drawing line around the face
5:  After when its done select move tool drag the selected face on second face
6:  Select 60% Opacity
7: Select free transform from edit bar and scale it equal to second face put it properly on face replacing the second one
8: For fixing the rough edges take or select Erase tool (take the soft option) erase around the face very carefuly
9:  Select Opacity to 100%
10: Now go in image select Adjustment then Hue Saturation Now very carefuly adjust the slides of this dialog box until the color matches
11: Save the image and enjoy looking your first creation

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