Supplicant Printer Error – Please help

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Hello geeks,

I am using a supplicant application tracking system, for rendering recruiting and human resource services to our clients.

The client uses a specific application designed for them, to do various kind of activities.

On most of the clients, often this error appears.

application tracking system

Applicant Tracking System – Printer Error

The Application Tracking System Seems to have lost communication with the printer.

To solve this problem, make sure that the printer is switched on and try to print again.  If printing still fails, try wiggling the cable that runs between that computer and the printer.

Make sure the cable is connected securely at both ends and try to print again.

If the program still fails to print properly, please call Joe Grant at (212) 555-1212, and tell him that the program is reporting Error ATSPR 35 at line 31 in module PRNFNC.  OK

I tried to resolve it but failed, as every thing is okay and nothing is wrong with anything. Further, most of the time, this error disappears after the restart of the system and the client works flawlessly for many hours and then it gets stuck again suddenly.

The only solution that I found, is to restart the system. Otherwise, printing won’t be done on the effected system.

Any idea on how to resolve this problem is welcome.


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Supplicant Printer Error – Please help


Check to see if the printer's power cord is connected. Check that the cable is connected and the doors & trays are in their proper positions. Your printer may have a button that toggles between online and offline states. If so, make sure the printer is online.

Is the problem caused by the printer or your combination of computer, software and cable?

Print a test print from the printer's control panel. Or, print a photograph from a memory card plugged into the printer, or from your camera to the printer. If the printer makes the print successfully, the problem is with your computer, software, or cable. If the print is poor, replace the printer driver. A corrupt printer driver can cause many problems. Download and install the latest driver from the printer manufacturer's website.

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