Study about the electronic commerce

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What is Electronic Commerce?

What are the different classifications of Electronic Commerce ?

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Study about the electronic commerce


E-commerce is more than just buying and selling products online. The E-Commerce includes entire online process like development of products, marketing & selling, delivery of product, servicing and paying for products etc. Modern Electronic Commerce uses Internet/ World wide web. You can manage different kinds of technology like email, mobile devices and computer through the internet.

There are different classes of e-commerce:

  • B2B (business to business).
  • B2C (business to consumer).
  • B2G (business to government).
  • B2M (business to machines).
  • B2E (business to employee).
  • C2C (consumer to consumer).
  • C2A (consumer to administration.
  • G2E (government to employee).
  • M2C (manager for consumer)
  • P2P (peer to peer).
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Study about the electronic commerce


E-commerce is Electronic commerce or EC and is the buying and selling of different goods as well as services on the web or over the internet. E-tailing is the term used for businesses that deals with online retail selling.

E-commerce can be divided in different parts, like:

  • Electronic Data Interchange [EDI], the exchanging of data between different businesses;
  • The safety of business transactions;
  • Virtual storefronts on websites or E-tailing that has online catalogs which is usually brought together as a “virtual mall”;
  • Buying and selling between different businesses;
  • The use and collection of demographic data from web contacts;
  • The use of fax and or email as media in reaching customers, like for example in using newsletters, and others.

The exchanging or swapping of business data is called Electronic Data Interchange [EDI].

It is expected and will soon be replaced by one or more standard XML formats like ebXML.

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