Stress test assistance please help me!

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Can any of the experts on here please inform me of what kind of tools I need to perform a stress test and benchmarking on my newly installed Exchange 2007? Also the basic steps to performing a stress test or a website that can help me on that?  Thank you very much.

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Stress test assistance please help me!


Hallo Bobby Boy,

In case you need to perform a stress test on your exchange 2007, I will recommend that you use JetStress, a program that will help in verifying the performance and stability of the disk subsystem that is being by the exchange 2007 program. It will also be useful in stimulating the exchange database and the log disk used for loading the input and output.

You can use JetStress to perform tests related to how the database transactions in exchange are performing, how the backup is being streamed and how the recovery process of exchange is taking place. You can also use it to test the number of mailbox users and the inputs and outputs that are processed each second in exchange.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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