Stack Trace Error on MS Dynamic AX 2012

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When trying to update the Item group in MS Dynamics AX 2012, I right-clicked on the Item group field and then choose the Record Info. Under the Record Information form, I tried clicking the Fill Utility button but I got a Stack trace error. Can someone help me on the error I am receiving?

Thank you.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger Error executing code Wrong argument types for comparison

Microsoft Dynamics AX Debugger

Error executing code: Wrong argument types for comparison.

Stack trace

(C)FormsSysFillUtilityMethodsinitializeMainQuery – line 69

(C)FormsSysFillUtilityMethodsinit – line 53

(C)ClassesSysSetupFormRuninit – line 3


(C)ClassesMenuFunctionrun – line 87


ed – line 11

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Stack Trace Error on MS Dynamic AX 2012


Dear David Allen,

According to the error message you encountered with Microsoft Dynamics AX. In your case, this error message is caused when comparing two different data types, a string and an enormous date type value. You can see that this appears in the error message you sent in the line "Error executing code: wrong argument types for comparison". To resolve this problem, you should make the following colored change in the method FormsSysFillUtilityInitializeMainQuery line 69 which fires the error:

Querybuffer = queryBuildRange.value();

if(querybuffer != queryValue(formDataSource.cursor().(mainTablePrimaryField)))

If (querybuffer)

Now try to update the item group again and you should have no problem regarding this issue.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck.

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