SQR exports incomplete information from PeopleSoft

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On a monthly basis, a SQR runs and captures all information entered in peoplesoft and exports them into a .DAT file. This file is sent to our vendors and they use it to copy all the employee information captured from our PeopleSoft Database. I have manually entered 50 new employees in PeopleSoft recently. I have entered their last, first and middle names however, in the file exported by the SQR the last names of the employee are not there. What could be the problem?

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SQR exports incomplete information from PeopleSoft


First see in which type of format the data is being used in the .Dat format.

  1. Is it a comma separated values?
  2. Is it space separated values?
  3. Is it a CGS?

In first case you have to define that it is a CSV when you are trying to import it in the SQR because sometimes the software indicates it as an anonymous column values and don't bother to add it in your database. Also check any kind of relationships if it exists.

If it is space separated, then first make it the CSV format and then perform the same steps as above.

If it is a CGS then simply open it in notepad. See if you can differentiate those 50 names that you entered and put commas manually. Now import it in SQR and you won’t have any problem.

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