A speaker that is ready to connect to any computer and smartphones

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I want to buy B&W MM-1. What are the specifications of this speaker? What are the materials used to manufacture this speaker? How many speakers were included? What are the best features of this speaker? How much is it now in the market? What is built-in DAC? What is its purpose and how helpful this is in magnifying the sound quality in this speaker? Is it compatible with any smart phone? Will it work with my desktop computer? What are the available connectors included in the package?

Thank you and hope to hear response right away!

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A speaker that is ready to connect to any computer and smartphones


Hello Any!

Specifications of B&W MM-1

1.    Stereo Speakers

2.    USB compatible

3.    With Volume and Mute controls

4.    Includes remote control

5.    Two-way speakers

It is using the tube – loading technology that enhances sound-feedback performance. It is also a hi-fi speaker. It is indeed a true sound performing speaker that can turn regular music files to enormous sound-effective playlist. There are to speakers included in the box.The price of the speakers is $499.99. DAC means digital to analog converter, it bypasses the computers sound card or head phone and directly sends audio feedbacks. This will perfectly work with computers and laptops only. The connectors included are power supply, power cord, and stereo mini jack cable. Materials used ABS, aluminum top plate and cloth for the grilles.

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