How to lock the keyboard ?

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How can we lock the keyboard of a computer when we want to keep it running a program?

It means that when we work in a group and everybody can use any computer the computer and we want to go until the end of program run iterations.

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How to lock the keyboard ?


It is quite easy to do.

You haven’t mentioned that what operating system you are using. I will tell it for Microsoft windows.

1. Go to the taskbar and click on the start button.

2. Now in the options near shutdown and log off search for lock and just click it.

3. Now this account is locked on this computer and no one else can use it. But it will keep running all the programs which were already running in your account.

4. Another user can log in by giving his user name and password.

Or you can lock your computer by just pressing two keys on keyboard Windows + L. 

And your computer is locked.

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How to lock the keyboard ?

Check if these two solutions work for you.
Press the Windows logo key + U. This will open the ease of access center. Click on the keyboard icon. It will say, "make the keyboard easier to use" next to it. In some versions of Windows you will need to get to the option by pressing the left shift key five times rapidly.
Select "turn on sticky keys" and "turn on filter keys." Select "save." Your computer will now only make sounds when you press any key.
Follow steps 1 and 2 to unlock your keyboard. Unselect the "sticky keys" and "filter keys" and click on "save."
That would work perfectly for Windows XP, vista and window 7 (I'm not sure if it works on previous versions of the OS).
Alternatively you could install Kid-Key-Lock (a simple free program) that allows you to select what keys of keyboard and mouse you want to lock.
Good luck.


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How to lock the keyboard ?


To lock the computer keyboard press the ”Ctrl+Alt+Delete” keys at the same time Click the "Lock Computer" button or tab on the Windows welcome screen or Windows security screen (depending on your version of Windows). 

Windows will lock the keyboard and the desktop, Enter the password then press the "Enter" key to unlock the keyboard and return to the Windows desktop.

You can run a computer program while your keyboard is lock process that runs every 5 seconds in the background and it needs to take over the keyboard for some sendkeys commands, except when a user accidently types something while the process is using sendkeys.


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