Source code vb marker manager efficiency

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What are the pros and  cons of source code vb marker manager in terms of identifying each item in big supermarkets? Can it also track items sold on both online and physical stores?

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Source code vb marker manager efficiency



Did you mean market manager? (I guess so because you are pertaining to supermarkets). The pros are, the Vb market manager is an open source application wherein it is ready made and all you need to do is to put all the items on your supermarket. Less hassle and it's easy. The disadvantages are:

  1. Debugging is not that easy. You cannot identify the bugs that easy because you are not the one who programmed the application
  2. The SQL tables and formats can be less than expected, if you need a 70 characters item and it is limited to 50, it will be then hard for you to make any adjustments
  3. Information stealing is possible, for the source code is being sold in many supermarkets, someone may jump into your system and change the values or pricing, and will result in bankruptcy.
  4. Security is low and the risk is high. The program might not be complicated as it is, as for business talks, you should put some bugs in it so that you will call their support every time you got an error, therefore, the payment will be theirs.
  5. You do not know the attitude of the sellers of the product, they might put some background applications in which it can be accessed on-line without you knowing it.


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