Sound stopped in the middle of a movie on VLC player

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Hi there,

This evening in the middle of a movie my sound stopped, but movie continued to run. I have restarted the movie by closing the VLC. After 30 minutes it happened again. I have changed some settings until this window appeared. I don’t know what it means so anyone can help me please by telling me how can I solve this and how can I prevent to happen again ?

Thank you !


Main debug: audio output is starving (-245508), playing silence

Main warning: audio output out of sync, adjusting dates (-46447 us)

Main warning: not synchronized (-46444 us), resampling

Main debug: auto hiding mouse cursor

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Sound stopped in the middle of a movie on VLC player


VLC Media Player is a widely used player as well as encoder that supports many video and audio formats. But many users experience various technical problems. Christopher M Williams, your problem is one of them. This problem is causes, maybe you have set it to mute at some point. To unmute VLC Player follow the steps below:

1.  First of all, click the speaker icon.

2. Select the “Mixer” & if VLC player is running, like below the mixer will show up.

3. Then just unmute the VLC player.

If it doesn’t work try adjusting audio setting of this player. To do that:

1. Go to “Tools” menu.

2. Select “Preferences”.

3. Next select “Audio Settings” >>select “Enable audio”.

4. Then go to "Output" & try a different default.

After that still your problem is persist, you need to convert the original video to another format. To do that follow the step”

1. Download the powerful video converter and run.

2. Go to “Converter”>> “Add Files”.

3. Click the format button in the “Output Format” >> select your choice able format.

4.  Press the “Convert” icon>>start converting your media files.

If that doesn’t fix your problem, try any other media players like Media Player Classic, KMPlayer, Winamp Media Player etc.


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