Sound is muted and I can’t hear it

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I have used the speakers on my laptop before and it has always worked fine, but now the speakers aren't working and I can't figure out what exactly to do. The sound is turned up, I can't see that anything is muted?  I'm not sure what to try to do to fix this other than restart and start back up but that doesn't work either. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Sound is muted and I can’t hear it

First of all, check whether the speakers are selected as the primary sound device, the speakers are turned on and are properly connected.
  • Right click on the speaker icon in task bar
  • Click on Playback devices
  • Right click Speakers
  • Enable and set as Default
  • Click Ok >> Apply
Also see whether the computer detects the sound card in the proper way.
It can be that the mute key on your keyboard has been pressed by mistake. So, try pressing it to unmute the sound.
Further, verify the fact that the particular application you are trying to run is not muted. (Check with its volume button in the main application window.)
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