Sony Camera with CMOS Sensor

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I wanted to know how a CMOS sensor works in a camera.

I heard that Sony is providing CMOS Sensor in its upcoming cameras.

Can we have this technology in mobiles also if it that's worth useful?

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Sony Camera with CMOS Sensor


Digital Cameras,

The digital camera is a tool that helps us to snap still photos and also create videos. The types of chip that can fit in this type of camera are stated below:

· CCD (Charge-Coupled Device).

· CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor).

CCD is used on older cameras while CMOS was first introduced by Sony.

Working of CCD and CMOS chips.

CCD and CMOS chips are attached in digital cameras to convert a usual photo into an electronic one. The CCD image sensor is an equal device.

The little light that hits the chip is the electrical charge on the photo sensor. And it will alter to voltage one pixel at a time while they are being read from the chip.

Some other circuits in the camera converts the voltage into a digital one. The CMOS chip is a dynamic pixel sensor that is created through a COMS semiconductor method.

Additional circuits besides the photo sensor converts the light energy into a voltage. And some other circuits included is used to convert the voltage into a digital one.

For reference you can watch this video:

Clear Cmos Sensor
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Sony Camera with CMOS Sensor


Hopefully this answers your query.

CMOS technology (complementary metal oxide semiconductor), it turns light into electricity.

One of the reasons behind Digital Cameras has been falling prices.

CMOS sensors are said to be a power saver, and this integrated circuit chip process can be used on many things especially on digital camera image sensors.

Because it requires less power it is said to be cheaper than the CCD based sensors which are more popular or used on mobile devices.

Among other companies which already are using this new technology chip is Canon, they are using it on their high-end SLR cameras for years.

It is said that CMOS camera sensors are much less expensive to manufacture than the competing CCD based sensors. On the other hand mobile devices with CCD sensors will take much better images than a CMOS equipped model.

But as far as technology is concerned a new research has shown that an imager chip has been designed and could turn mobile phones into devices that can See through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects. “CMOS is much less cheaper and can be used to make lots of chips”.

CMOS technology with a right chip can make a good combination and can be put at the back of a cell phone. Dr. O of Dallas said.

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Sony Camera with CMOS Sensor


CMOS stand for "Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon". Nowadays this technology used in digital cameras.   Actually CMOS has anything to do with image sensing.

The CMOS sensor is also called "Photo Diode". Photo diode is a P N junction diode that will convert photon of the light that is bombing the junction into the proportional amount of electron.

The amounts of electron are then calculated and read as a voltage of the signal. The more light that entering the photo diode more electron generated and the higher voltage output from the sensor. 

Sony has announced the world's first 1/2.8" 16MP CMOS sensor for mobile phones. Offering the smallest unit pixel size of 1.12μm, it will also be incorporated into what is claimed to be the smallest and thinnest mobile phone lens module.

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Sony Camera with CMOS Sensor


In digital camera, a CMOS sensor is an electronic chip that converts electrons and photons for digital processing. CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor”. CMOS sensors are used to create images in digital cameras, digital video cameras, and digital CCTV cameras. These sensors can also be found in astronomical telescopes, barcode readers, and scanners.

The optical technology is used in machine vision for robots, in the processing of satellite photographs, in the enhancement of radar images, in OCR or Optical Character Recognition, and particularly for meteorology. Similar to other semiconductor technologies, CMOS chips are produced by photolithography.

The chips feature an array of minute light-capturing cells that pick up the photons at their different wavelengths as focused by a lens, translating or converting them into electrons very similar to a tiny solar cell.

The CMOS cells are surrounded or enclosed by transistors which amplify or increase the charge of the electrons collected by the cells sending them across the chip by tiny wires in the circuit of the chip.

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