Solution so to get complete access as administrator itself

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I have a problem accessing the folders after I shifted my profile path to a new server. I did that by editing our DC’s GPO. The message shown is “ACCESS DENIED” even though I am logged in as an administrator. I have a thought about a solution, i.e. the ownership of the folder can be changed to administrator, and then can be set back to the user, and then we could successfully logon as a user.

But there is no point in having a GPO that is not functional. Another thing I did, but didn’t work was to provide the domain complete access to \serverprofiles$ and the inheritance including folders and its subfolders.

Can you suggest me a solution so that I can get complete access as an administrator itself, so that I don’t have to make changes to each user profile’s ownership?

The details of my server are

Server I am using is Win 2003 R2, with client Win XP Pro Sp3, and the profile path is \serverprofiles$%username%

The Administrators security group was added to roaming user profiles under the administrative templates.

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Solution so to get complete access as administrator itself


Hello Andrew,

You will need to verify that you are indeed logged on to the server with administrative credentials, for the error that you are getting is most likely to be caused by limited access privileges.

If you are using a group account, then it could be possible that someone else might have changed the credentials for accessing the server, and therefore you will need to confirm with the people you share the account to confirm if someone might have changed the administrative credentials.

You can as well just try restarting the server and see if that may resolve the issue, for it may be a temporary problem that can be resolved by doing that.

Hope this helps.



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