SolusOS a new Linux system

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I wanted to know about the new Solus OS which is a debian based linux  system. I wanted to know whether anyone used it and tried it actually. I wanted to know his experience n using that linux.

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SolusOS a new Linux system


Hello Tiffany,

The new SolusOS linux system is based in debian linux and it is a desktop version of linux that is suitable for beginners. The current version is an alpha version, but the next version is expected to features a GNOME 3 fork which has been designed in a manner that it can be able to look as well as behave like its predecessor, GNOME 2.

When it comes to usability of SolusOS, its theme has been totally overhauled. Many common issues affecting the GNOME have been rectified. The last of the symbolic icon theme abusers have as well been purged and thus pushing the patches to the totem, gedit, nautilus as well as gnome-panel.




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SolusOS a new Linux system


I have been using SolusOS 1-1 64bit since the early days (a few months) as my prime OS in my multi boot systems. It has a few rough edges but is reliable and stable.

When I need Skype or Google Earth or full printer scanner function I boot to W7 of LMDE or Pinguy 11.04

I use Solus for the operability of Gnome 2… and like it's speed too.

There is also an Alpha out (SolusOS2) as the other poster said, and it is problematic. i am waiting for the Beta and expect it to be published in the next few weeks.

There is a ton of good help on the solus forums, have a visit for particulars. It is a friendly place.


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