Software that creates copyright protection

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Is there any software that can be used to copyright DVDs or CDs that you burn in order to prevent people from copying them?

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Software that creates copyright protection


Hi there!

Regarding to your question, yes there are a lot of software that can put copyright protection when producing DVDs and CDs. Most of the time, these things might seen when you insert an original CD album from your favorite band or singer, you cannot copy all the contents because it is prohibited by the copyright law.

I'm going to introduce you a popular copyright protection software, I hope it may help you. The Shareguard Copyright Protection created by Zapper Software.

Shareguard Copyright Protection created by Zapper Software

Shareguard is not FREE you can buy it for $49.95. But you don't need to worry, because you can download and it has 30-day trial. ShareGuard is designed to work with all of our other products. It is completely integrated. This includes eBookGuard, MP3Guard, MovieGuard and PDFGuard. These products are too ready to code all pictures, text, asf, wmv, mp3 and PDF is completely protected according to your specifications.

ShareGuard will lock and unlock an unlimited number of customers and is all royalty-free.

ShareGuard consists of 4 components:

  1. ShareGuard Lock
  2. ShareGuard Key
  3. ShareGuard Locksmith
  4. CRC File Checker

Here's the download link for the product,

Good luck!

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Software that creates copyright protection


Hello Madison Escobar,

Copyright and copy protection are way different. You can protect your cd by password or pin by a software so others cannot use it. But you cannot copyright a software. You can get many software out there that are actually to protect your DVD's or CD's by passwords, but not copyright actually. Copyright is a process by which you can protect your original work and nobody can use it commercially without your permission but by paying you. So come review it once again. Copy protect is not to let people access your DVD by either entering a pass or pin, and Copyrighting is no one has any right to use your Cd's before purchasing it or taking your permission. Hope you get it. Here is the copyright information.

Thank you,

Wagner Desantiago

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