Software Cost management and Planning model research

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I am presently doing a research about the software process. But I am getting confused with all the terms used online. Can someone please help me by providing a simple explanations on my queries below?

First of all, I want a simpler terms to describe what a software process is. What are the cost elements included when executing a process in one organization? Also, can you describe the maturity level and the model? Please include the CMMI process areas and tell me more about tailoring. Thanks a lot!



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Software Cost management and Planning model research



Software process nothing but a software development process also known as software development life cycleIt's basically a process to develop the software, there are two methods of developing the software, one is Waterfall methods (old method) and another is an Agile method (current use of all the big software companies)

The software development methodology starts with gathering requirement, Design, Implementations, verification and finally deploying.

Below are the cost element;-

  1. Total effort hours to develop the entire software.
  2. Staff/Cost Effort Hours
  3. Hardware

CMM- Capability measurement method is bench-mark for measuring the maturity of an organization’s software process. CMM uses a scale of 1 to 5 to provide the feedback of the process.

Maturity model implies

  1. Provides starting stage
  2. Community past experiences and best practices
  3. Shared vision
  4. Synonymous language 
  5. Prioritize actions framework 
  6. Improvement paradigms for organization 

In CMMI models gives a staged paradigm at various levels starting 1 till 5

  1. Stage 1(Initial)- Process unpredictable, poorly controlled & reactive
  2. Stage 2(Managed)- Process characterized & often reactive
  3. Stage 3(Defined) – Process characterized for organization & proactive
  4. Stage 4(Quantitatively Managed) – Process measured and controlled 
  5. Stage 5(Optimizing) – Focus on continuous improvement 



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