Sharing method of Modem Internet to Wifi

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I had a hard time facing my problem upon how to share my USB modem internet connection through WiFi from my laptop.

I am using wireless – G broadband router. This modem has already set for configuration already. I want that my desktop computer to share the connection via WiFi, also my laptop.

I thought wireless connection can get easy access for WiFi laptop. 

Can anyone help me how can I connect the broadcast?

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Sharing method of Modem Internet to Wifi



First thing to do is configuring your desktop computer for Internet Connection Sharing, basically works for Microsoft Operating System. Ensuring regarding the matter, check your acquired operating system for the terms and conditions. Here's a procedure that you can manually do:

Click the start following the Control panel button. Then, choose the Network and Internet connection option. Select Set up or change the home or he small office network. Hit next if wizard will appear. Another hit to the next to skip to checklist for network creator. selecting the options ''This computer connects directly to the internet'' will follows.

Next, chose the option for modem or adaptor where your internet is connecting, then click next.

Further for the steps, your workgroup should be set the default MSHOME, also ensure the other workgroup to the other computer is the same with this one. Hit next again, and you can select if you wish to share files and printers then next again.

Choose the option ''Just finish the wizard'' and hit next again. And lastly the finish.

Try now to inter-connect your computers.

Hope i help you.

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Sharing method of Modem Internet to Wifi

  • These are very simple steps to configure your router to your computer if you are using two computers, so here is the method  through which you can connect your second computer to the internet. But this require a special configuration in this case basically a network uses RJ45 connecter to connect the computer and router where a modem uses two pin connecter so what you need here is a splitter that will split your network in two computer lines if you found that splitter then it is very easy to connect them both.
  • However if you simply connect both you computers not using a modem then you have to use a wire simply from your router to another computer. I am sure your router has more then one port to be configured. So you can arrange it easily.
  • Other thing is configuration it is also very simple you have to set the IP's of both computer and you it will work fine. 

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