Sgd oracle java not installed

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I really need some help here.  I have already enabled compatibility in Internet Explorer 9 for SGD 4.60.  Why is it that I'm having a "Java not installed" error?  It works in a Firefox browser.  Is anyone having the same SGD Oracle Java problem?

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Sgd oracle java not installed


Hello Jolene,

This a known error with IE9 and SGD 4.6 and SGD 4.61. I can guide you with some workaround, you can give a try :

1. Please enable comparability for IE 9 before you try to login with SGD. You can also refer to article 956197 from microsoft for more details.

2. Another work around is, when you get the error, click the back button of your browser, but this work around only works if you have SGD client installed in the tool bar and showing connection is established. To know more you can visit :

Hope this will help you.


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Sgd oracle java not installed



Hi there Jolene B Just,
This is a very well known issue and luckily really easy to be fixed.
If you turn on the compatibility mode in your browser's preferences, Java should work again. To do so, click on the Tools and in the Compatibility section click the Add button. Add the website you're having problems with and confirm the changes.
Another thing to do is to enable the scripting of Java applets. Under Tools choose Internet options and inside the Security section select the Custom Level. Find the Scripting of Java applets in the list and enable  it by checking the button next to it. Save the changes and restart the browser.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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