Set up Wireless Router with DSL Modem

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I want to use a wireless router but I don’t know on how to set it up with my DSL modem. Can you please help me in a way that it would be simple without having many changes or using static IP that will cost me money?

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Set up Wireless Router with DSL Modem


Subscribing to static IP Address will cost you more than PPPOE or DHCP. This is because Static is used mostly for business or commercial account. It often disconnect because you have your own IP Address assigned by your ISP.

Compare to residential, ISP will assign IP Address randomly and it will change every often, sometimes it will take 7 days at the very least.

To configure a router to the DLS modem, you'll need to ask your Internet Service Provider of what type of Internet protocol you are using. The options are either PPPOE, Static IP Address or DHCP.

Once you have these information, you can set your router either using manual installation or through installation CD provided by your router vendor.

To install manually, do the steps below.

  1. Log-in to the router's interface.
  2. Type on the address bar.
  3. Enter the log-in credentials (contact your router technical support and ask these information).
  4. Set the router settings to either PPPOE, DHCP or Static.
  5. Save the changes and go to Wireless tab.
  6. Set your own Wireless Network Name of SSID.
  7. Select your own encryption code.
  8. Choose either WEP or WPA depending on what you want.
  9. Enter a passphrase or on Key 1.
  10. Save the settings.

This should broadcast wireless connection and your computer should pick up this network. Connect to this wireless connection and type the encryption code, WEP or WPA.

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