Laptop heats up too much

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My HP laptop with an AMD processor heats up too much just after booting it, and also creates too much noise which can be heard in the next room. The engineer from HP replaced the heat sink twice, but itdidn’t resolve the issue.

Please cite the possible cause noise, and how to resolve it.

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Laptop heats up too much


When a laptop heats up too much, there are a couple of variables you should take in use:

1. The ventilation shaft is full of dust. In this case, it blocks the flow of air through the components. It would be recommended to make sure the ventilation shaft is completely cleaned by using a can of compressed air and applying it in the ventilation shaft when the laptop is not running.

2. It might be a small probability that the cooling fan is not responding well with the CPU's frequency. A laptop's CPU does not stay on full frequency all the time, but rather it adjusts itself accordingly to the usage. So, the fan adjusts it's speed according to the CPU's frequency. 

3. If you want to reduce laptop's temperature, i would recommend an active cooling pad with at least two fans so that the air flow distribution would be more efficient on the entire surface of the laptop. It does not matter which model you buy, as long as it has more than 2 fans.

About the noise, it must be the hard drive. Taking in fact that it's the only mechanical component in the laptop, then you must know after a period, a hard drive's plates would deteriorate, creating an instability inside its case, thus making a sound everytime it is being used.

The only way to fix such a thing is by buying a new laptop hard drive, or search for an all electric SSD hard drive that does not use plates.

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