Set up problem (Google Calendar Sync)

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 Ultimately, I would have this macro run each moment Google Calendar Sync runs. On the other hand, if this is very confusing, I would like to situate it to run each hourly time. And if this is another extremely tough, as the only hope, I would desire to have it run each moment I open/close Outlook. Please recommend any help what is the accurate and safer set up?

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Set up problem (Google Calendar Sync)


Hi Adina,

First of all, you should know or make sure that you are using a supported version of outlook and operating system.

Please visit the link to be able to know more about the compatibility of the operating system and MS outlook.

After making sure that the MS Outlook you use is compatible with your Operating system, download the latest version of Google Calendar in this link

Click save when a dialog box appeared on your screen. And then click Ok after confirming that you're aware of the file. Click agree after reading the Google calendar sync terms services and conditions. Click install after following the installation options. See screen shot below.

You'll see that image after installing Google calendar. Take note that the minimum interval allowed s syncing is 10 minutes.


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Set up problem (Google Calendar Sync)


Hallo Adina,

When it comes to syncing, Microsoft Outlook Calendar as well as Google Calendar are not the same when it comes to the types of event reminders that are offered. Google Calendar has got  support for pop-up, email as well as SMS reminders.  Microsoft Outlook Calendar on the other hand has got support for only pop-up event reminders. Accordingly, it is only pop-up reminders that are synced for both Google Calendar as well as Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar also supports one pop-up event reminder per event. So, in the event that your Google Calendar events have got multiple pop-up event reminders, a single pop-up reminder will be moved  to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar events with this setting enabled.



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