Is server load balancing increase the speed of internet?

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Have you found any article about server load balancing?

Is server load balancing technology appropriate for small server & LAN configuration?

Is server load balancing is a solution for increasing internet speed also?

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Is server load balancing increase the speed of internet?




There are many articles on the web on Server load balancing. This technology will be appropriate for small servers and LAN configuration, in case the disaster recovery is needed to prevent data loss. Server load balancing is also a solution for increasing internet speed on servers with high internet traffic.

Server load balancing is the process of distributing service requests across a group of servers.

The following diagram shows load balancing within a server field.

Server load balancing is the process

Server load balancing addresses several requirements in networks which are gaining a lot of importance:

• High performance

• Wide and high scalability

• More availability and high disaster recovery

Many applications specific to content management have scaled up beyond a point where a single server can handle the adequate processing power. Both service providers and enterprises desire the flexibility fast deployment of additional servers besides being transparent to end-users. Server load balancing provides a single virtual service by making multiple servers appear as a single server. It also distributes user requests transparently among the servers.

The highest performance can be achieved by smart utilization of the power of servers such that they are capable of handling the cumulatively increased traffic striking at multiple servers. Advanced server load-balancing products can find out the servers that are less busy and can direct end-user service requests to them and hence capable of providing the fastest response times.

Disaster recovery services can also be provided by Distributed server load balancing products when a catastrophic failure disables the primary site. This is achieved by redirecting the service requests to a backup location.

The other benefit of server load balancing is making the application available for the users by automatically redistributing end-user service requests to other servers within a server field or two servers in another location if an application or server within a server farm fails.

On the whole Server load balancing serves a lot of benefits both for traditional business environments as well as modern business environments like Cloud. Without server load balancing, nowhere the consistence performance over web prevails.

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