Server authentication error caused by

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Hi there,

I have this error when I want to open Gmail and it worked just fine until now. I checked the Time and Date and everything seems to be OK. What could be the problem with this ? How can I solve this error ?

Thank you !

The certificate failed the authenticity test.

Reason: The hostname does not match the one the certificate was issued to…

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Server authentication error caused by


This is a very unusual error if you are accessing Gmail via the web browser. Since the time I joined and created my Gmail account, I never encountered an error like this when accessing my Gmail account using the web browser. When using an email client such as Microsoft Office Outlook on the other hand, it is not possible to have this error because creating an account in Microsoft Office Outlook will not check any security certificate.

I normally encounter security certificate errors before with other websites but not with Gmail. If the error appeared when you tried to open your Gmail account using your web browser, exit your web browser and then open it again. Open your Gmail account and see if the certificate error appears again. If the same error appears, make sure you are accessing the correct address for Google Mail then click Continue.

Your web browser will continue accessing your Gmail account even if the website has an expired security certificate. As a reminder for users who have never experienced a security certificate error when accessing a website with a web browser, when you encounter a security certificate error or an error saying that the website’s certificate is expired or the hostname doesn’t match with the certificate, first, make sure you are on the correct website.

Check the web address displayed on your web browser to verify that you are opening the correct website. If you are on the correct website, there is always an option in the dialog box that will allow you to continue browsing the website. Hit that button to continue accessing the website. But in case you are on a different website or maybe the website is new to you, click Cancel to discontinue the access.

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