Seeking Access In Micro E7 System

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What is Micro e7? What does ‘configured access is disabled’ means? What is a Micro Compatible Gift Card?

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Seeking Access In Micro E7 System


The micro e7 is a point of sales which helps you to develop your business. It is a report that you can find in the system that allows you to track the employee’s performance, how much they have worked, to look at holidays that you took last year, voids, transaction, discount or no sales can indicate theft. It keeps all your business under control. It has credit card and gift card usage system.

The seller can activate and deactivate the cards. Sometimes Micro e7 configurator is disabled. To solve this problem, you must set your Password as it has expired. It has this regulation that makes the password expired after a specific time. You need to reset your password after a time period to have continued access. For this, you should upgrade your system to know the period in which it will get expired.

Once you have changed the password and still does not work. You should change your the ID of your workstation. The change in the ID will let you access. This method can be used as the backdoor login, which does not work for all the time of the workshop. You need to be careful about the workshop that you are using.

If it has more then six workstations, you have to restore the database. The gift card is used as a sign of reward for loyal customers in the form of gift cards, vouchers to satisfy and encourage the customer. It allows a cardholder to but anything. It is a prepaid payment.

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