HP Scanner Failure: Power off and on again

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Any valuable and reliable suggestions and recommendations please! I was in the middle of my scanning job serving our customers when I heard a loud and an irritating noise from my HP PSC 750 model and this error was displayed in the screen “Scanner Failure: Power off and on again.”

I had bought this scanner one year ago. My friend told me to turn off my printer and unplug it for about 15 minutes to reset its memory into the default setting.

I did many times on what my friend had suggested but the same error occurred. What will I do to solve the concern since my home is very far from the nearest HP customer support location? Thanks.

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HP Scanner Failure: Power off and on again


Hi Aedans,

Try the following options.

  1. Open Word, and then print a blank page. Scan away! I recommend you leave Word open when scanning. If this does not solve your problem please continue reading this article.
  2. Unplug the scanner/printer for five minutes. Then replug it .The self-test will last a bit longer. You should then print a blank document again. Follow this up by attempting a scan.
  3. Unplug and disconnect the scanner/printer overnight (from everything). Then do step #1.  
  4. Unplug, and let the scanner sit for thirty seconds without power. Then press and hold the left and cancel buttons. Plug in and release the buttons. This could solve your problem.
  5. Alternatively, you should clean the scanner without removing the bulb by:

    • Taking off the hood.
    • Go to the back side. Find two round holes located on top (behind the window).
    • Using a small screwdriver take out the 2 screws.
    • Then lift the window’s back side. All at once, click the front loose (first, click left then right).
    •  Take off the window fully by disconnecting the wire (find a plug at rear side of the window, the right side).
    • Find a black cap on top of the mirrors and bulb. Remove this by inserting a small screw driver in the 2 square shaped holes (each at a time). Pulling the screw-driver to the right will result to the cap clicking off.
    • You can now see the mirrors, including the bulb’s back side (there is  a wire at the back side). Using a wet cloth go ahead and clean the mirrors. Also, clean front side of the bulb (which looks down)preferably using your small finger.
    • Note that there is no need to remove the bulb.
    • Hoping this will solve the problem.
  6. If error persists, try cleaning any marks on the white bottom side of the lid (i.e. the bit touching the top of the glass). The smallest bit of dirt may cause malfunctioning.
  7. Otherwise, remove the glass from the scanner/printer. Then clean its bottom part (the rather inaccessible part of the glass).  Consider visiting http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&docname=c00553775&lang=en&lc=en&product=303753 to find out about how you can remove the glass.
  8. Right click the HP Director; go to properties, and then Compatibility. Uncheck the box with “Run this program in compatibility mode”. Do this until it works.
  9. The error may appear more often in cold days. In such a case, increase your room temperature, by either switching off your AC or setting up a slightly high temperature. In addition, connect the scanner/printer with the main power board.
  10. Incase you are using the internet to print (instead of a USB) you may also try to switch of your power for 15 seconds. Then turn it on. In the host file (c:windowssystem32driversetc), add the IP address of your scanner/ printer in connection with FULL MAC address (must be preceded with “HP”), and the printer name of your scanner/printer. Then save and close host file. E.g. of an entry is HP001636553366 denprn denprn.local
  11. Uninstall the software from the computer. Download the utility from http://h10025.www1.hp.com . Download driver 2.1.0 from the given HP's website .Do not use the CD re-installation. Use the downloaded one.
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HP Scanner Failure: Power off and on again


This seems to be a problem with the scanner and many users experience it with their device. There are workarounds to reset the device but I’m not sure if the bug was really fixed. There are two kinds of reset you can try. One is partial reset. To do the partial reset, first, disconnect the power cord from the device.

Next, press and hold the Cancel button and the left arrow key on the scanner or printer then reconnect the power cord. Release the buttons afterwards. Second type of reset you can try is semi-full reset. To do the semi-full reset, disconnect the power cord from the device.

Next, press and hold the Cancel button and the right arrow key on the printer or scanner then reconnect the power cord. Release the buttons afterwards.

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