To Satisfy Configured Failover Level For Vsphere Ha.

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When you try to power on to a new VM, insufficient resource error might occur. It means some resource is not present in any of the devices. VM knows about it but is not sharing the exact location. How to solve insufficient resources to satisfy configured failover level for vsphere ha?

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To Satisfy Configured Failover Level For Vsphere Ha.



The cause is vSphere HA admission control. If any host is down, then insufficient resources will be available for restart. Ensure that the right admission control policy is selected. Disable the admission controls to avoid such errors. SOLUTION OF THE CAUSE:

1) Most of the issues can be solved by disabling and re-enabling HA.

2) If that does not work, check the notes released.

3) See if there are sufficient licenses to configure HA.

4) Check that the correct name resolution is configured in ESX Server and vCenter server.

5) Check that the time on the ESX servers is correct. Also check for the date.

6) Check that the network connection between the ESX server and Virtual Center server is strong.

7) Ensure that the network connection exists between the response address and ESX server.

8) Make sure that the network ports are open. These ports include incoming and outgoing error.

9) Ensure that the configuration with advanced settings is valid.

10) The installed version of Virtual Center should be correct.

11) Restart the Virtual Center server.

12) The HA should configure only one service console.

13) Ensure that HA cluster is corruption free. You can confirm it by creating another cluster.

14) Enable the ESXi host user world swap button.

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