River past audio converter codec for .aa file.

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Good morning for all,

Am interested in converting mp3 file into .aa format, I have River past audio converter codec but when I tried to add an .aa file to be converted, I got a message that said "Format not recognizable".

I have Version 5.0 of River past audio converter codec.

Any help, please?

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River past audio converter codec for .aa file.



You can use iTunes to accomplish this. Follow these instructions:

– Open your mp3 file with iTunes

– Click on your mp3 file -> click on Advanced -> Create AAC version

– Click on your converted file with right mouse button and select Get info

– Click on options -> enable Media kind and click on AudioBook and save your file.

You can find more information on this link: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-convert-an-mp3-to-aa-format

I hope I helped. Regards.

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River past audio converter codec for .aa file.


Hi Alex,

      Converting MP3 to AA file format can be hard to do since it is a proprietary format and sometimes it losses the file's integrity if we do that. Though ITunes appears to be able to convert such. But if you would check your ITunes there is an option that lets it remember the playback position so when you play it again it will remember the format of the audible file. If  you don’t have an Apple device then you check this software, AllMusicConverter it can convert most audible file formats and even video files.

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