Read About Powershell Active Directory In Detail.

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I want to know about the powershell active directory in detail. How can I change the Active Directory user description field? I am using Windows Server 2003 on my laptop.

Does someone know about the active directory?

Thank you.

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Read About Powershell Active Directory In Detail.


Suppose there is a user Ronnie and the description for the user account is as “Ronnie is from the Marketing Team.”

Let us suppose that you wish to change that description to “Marketing Department User.”

For that purpose, we can use a cmdlet called Set-ADUser to execute this action.

It is one of the cmdlets which can modify the largest number of attributes linked to a user account in Active Directory(AD).

Hence, this command will change the description as given below:

Set-ADUser Ronnie -Description “Marketing Department User.”

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