RAR file freezes whenever touch BitDefender also freeze when try to scan

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I got this new desktop from my aunt running in Windows XP Home Edition. For about a week of using it develops some rare problem. The laptop was never reformatted since she gives it to me, she has a large of photos on “My Picture” folder, and arranged in several subfolders. There is a subfolder compressed with winrar and name the compressed file as x.rar.

Before, I can open the folder safely without having any problem. Until the day comes that I can’t access it anymore. Every time I open it freezes my computer. If I try to scan it with anti-virus (BitDefender) it locks up for about 10mins and then reboot. 

Does anybody encounter same problem as mine? What are things you've done to solve this kind of problem?

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RAR file freezes whenever touch BitDefender also freeze when try to scan



Yes my dear i work on this kind of problem when my PC was infected with virus. i just make the RAR of my files and stores it on other disk, because then the virus which is attached to file does not work and after that you can disable that virus, any how in your case it looks like your RAR files what ever x.RAR name is effected by some serious kind of virus. I will suggest you to simply remove these files from your PC and format your hard drive once. if you can not do so then go to your RAR program and see check the files one by one where the virus is located. You know that in RAR you can do that simply. 

But the best solution is that you delete such files from your PC.

Melevia paul.


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