Questions about son modding computer case

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My son would like to modify his computer to look different and based on a computer game he's played and still plays.

My only question is, Will this affect the life of the computer because it needs to last him till at least college?

He said wasn't going to be doing much wiring, but I thought I better ask the experts before saying yes.

This is the case he currently has.


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Questions about son modding computer case


The only serious problem is an electrical discharge, for your son or for the machine.

The first can be easily prevented by shutting down the computer, unplug it from the outlet, and wait some time.

The second is more complicated, "everything" accumulates static electricity and, while for humans the effect of it is usually a small pinch, for computers it can cause death.

I'm all for letting the kids work on stuff ( that's how i've learned ), but that operation requires an anti-static bracelet and a careful person.

Also,a part of modding is setting the processor to run faster than the factory speed ( overclocking ), and that really has to be done by an expert to avoid lower life expectancy of the processor, or a trip to the repair shop.

If you're not willing to buy another computer ( btw they're only useable for 5-10 years ), depends on your son's age and personality, but i would say no.

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Questions about son modding computer case


Well, modifying computer has benefits and disadvantages. However, the main purpose why some choose to modify there computer is to make it looks good and to last longer than what is promised.

Modification, well all know the meaning of this word. To modify the current state to improved the looks, features and other components to look good.

This will definitely pro-longed the life span because you are improving the computer and installing a new and improved computer casing. If the casing is made to last long, then it will carry over the momentum of the other devices and hardware installed to last longer than it should.

The only problem with modification is during the process of modifying the product. Of course, it needs an expert to take a good look on how to modify the product or this unit. It might damaged computer hard drive installed inside during the installation. Other than that, i think modification is intented to improved the current state and nothing else. 

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Questions about son modding computer case




Just make sure that after he finishes modifying the computer case, there would be no sharp edges or anything like that would may later on cause harm to anyone who would like to use the computer. Also make sure that the wiring are still going to be properly routed within the case and make sure air flow is still well facilitated and unhindered after modifying the case. Most of the time, case modification would result to a better overall result compared to the stock case design and it would usually make the case look much nicer.


Thank you. Hope it helps.


Clair june

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