Questions about multimedia application development?

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I'm a student in telecoms engineering (option multimedia services) and i'm new to j2me development.

I have a nokia 2630, but it is generating java exceptions for any access to multimedia(camera, MIDI, microphone, etc) or phone memory (no memory card support).
I'm not sure if this is due to the lack of the APIs on this device or to the lack of a certain certificate??

Are there better devices than nokia X2 for multimedia development with equivalent or less price?
I want to test real time algorithms on a real embedded device rather than using the emulators which run on fast computers.


Ronalt Feder

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Questions about multimedia application development?


If i am not mistaken nokia 2630 is quite a limited phone and this phone does not support any multimedia applications on JAVA Me. yes you can use those APIs in X2 although untrusted application will ask more confirmations from the users doing real time processing might be a challenge though as you do not have access to the video data currently being recorded . There seems to be a work around with a Nokia UI API although i m not familiar with the details but i can still recommend this .

With JAVA MD your MIDLET in not aware when there is a phone call happening and analyzing the speech is hence impossible

i think now you are satisfied

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