Queries on how to use PowerPoint effectively

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Would you please guide me on using PowerPoint effectively?

I have three specific queries: How can I remove the background from each slide?

On a slide, how can I access alternative backgrounds?

(Ex. : In PPT 2003 I will just click on the slide) Can I change the font colors on all slides at the same time?

If yes, how can I do it?

I will be grateful for your advice.

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Queries on how to use PowerPoint effectively


Hallo Douglas,

PowerPoint is very easy to use. To remove the background of each slide you just go to the main menu and click on a design to expand the tabs. Thereafter, from the list of the designs that will show up, choose the empty/blank design which is usually white and then apply. You use the same procedure to access alternative backgrounds, there is a whole lot of backgrounds to choose from in the design menu, so just go there and choose whichever pleases you.

About changing the font color on all backgrounds at the same time, I think it is possible but you have to do this from the outline layout which you find in the sidebar of the PowerPoint where the slides are.


Lee Hung

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Queries on how to use PowerPoint effectively


Hi Douglas, 

This is how to use PowerPoint effectively, If you want to remove your background from each slide you just click the slide scroll button and then select the single slides that you want to make changes and then right click and hit the format background and it will show all your fill options and just select what color you want for your slide and you will see the changes on your background slide.

By changing your font colors you can do it also at the same time, you just click the View and click the Slide Master, and then you can see your previous font and now all you need to do is highlight the font that you want to change and then your mini toolbars are going to show up and select the font or you can just go to your home tab and select the fonts you want to use and just click on it and you will see the changes on your fonts. 

Hope this will help

Gothman Pil


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