Pros and Cons of Smartphones running on Windows 8 OS.

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A friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone and wish to dispose it and buy Lumia 920. He has been advised that the latter uses Windows 8 Operating system while the former run on Android Operating system. Now he wants to know what are the pros and cons of undertaking the action.

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Pros and Cons of Smartphones running on Windows 8 OS.


Hello Hermoo,

I have done some research and found the following pros and cons of Windows Phone:


– It is very user friendly, your friend will not waste a lot of time in learning how to use it.

– It is a very smooth, lag free operating system.

– It has a very good integration system, you can get all you contacts and conversations from different places under one application.

– It receives updates more frequently compared to Android.


– Compared to the hardware the phone has to offer, it is a bit expensive.

– Android offers high level of personalization (Home screens, widgets, wallpapers), Windows Phone lack that.

– Android has a vast variety of applications many of which you can get for free, this is not the case with Windows Phone.

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Pros and Cons of Smartphones running on Windows 8 OS.



These are the Pros of Windows Phone 8:

> It has excellent call quality, thru speaker and bluetooth

> The size is balance not so big, not so small, enough to give you a clear view.

> It has fast and Intuitive UI

>It is a wireless charging phone, so you don't have to be away from your phone whenever it is charging.

> Since it is Windows Phone, Microsoft Office capability, enables you to open file wherever you are.

> Wi-fi ready

>Voice thru Bluetooth

> Beats Audio, it has the loudest and best sounding smartphone through a corded headset.

> Front camera, excellent for using skype or making a video call.


> 16 GB, just enough for all the applications you want to install for the phone, but a 32 GB option would be nice.

> Battery, kind of weak it will only get you through the day but it always depends on how you use it.

> No email attachment capability for docs, though it has a MS Office.

> No select all in email accounts

> No instant HTML formatting

> Cannot do multi-tasking

> Doesn't have flash, HBOGO, and YOUTUBE

Best Regards!

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