Programs that can Wipe a Hard Drive

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As a security measure, particularly when a laptop gets stolen or if  someone will access my desktop when I'm not around, a program that can wipe a hard drive remotely can be very beneficial.

Are there programs that can wipe a hard drive even if I'm not around?

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Programs that can Wipe a Hard Drive


Very often your laptop goes for others hand or guess access. For this reason your important and secret data may steal any time by stranger or guest user But if you use driver protection or driver locker software such as drive guard, drive security, drive lock, drive hide, drive password etc for prevent your data which is located that drive.

If you use this type of security tools or software then nobody can enter your drive without your permission and none can check or get your saved data from hard drive.

So I recommended you to keep your secret or personal data in a protected hard drive.


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Programs that can Wipe a Hard Drive


Hello Jayson.

I did a lot of research and I tell you remotely wiping a hard drive is very complicated.  Most of all, there does not seem to be any one-for-all software solution currently available.

Most free solutions generally involve writing scripts containing the file deletion commands. These scripts are then hidden somewhere on your computer ready to be activated by an external event. Various external events or triggers are employed such as taking advantage of Dropbox's synchronization features, using Microsoft Outlook to trigger a script via a specially formatted e-mail, timers, and the list goes on and on.

Here is an example on how to remotely wipe a hard drive.

Here is another tip in the form of a video tutorial on one of the ways to remotely wipe a hard drive.

If you want an enterprise-level hard drive wiping solution, you could look this up:

Whitecanyon com ConsumerWipeDrive

Given the extreme complexity of deploying a remote drive wiping solution, the inherent dangers of accidentally wiping your hard drive, and the possibility that your remote drive wipe might not work at all when it is needed, I suggest you go for a file encryption with password protection solution instead.

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