Problems in intel Sandy bridge.

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Recently, I tried to purchase a Intel Sandy bridge motherboard. But when I went to the marketplace, I saw that there is no sandy bridge motherboard available. When I asked the dealer, they answered me that, Intel found a problem in these motherboards and they have halted the shipment.

Now my question is, what is the problem specifically? How to solve this?


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Problems in intel Sandy bridge.


Intel sandy Bridge, is the latest series in Intel’s motherboard category. They have released it with lots of hope but they found a glitch in it. The glitch is SATA port related, which they named “Cougar Point”.

It is a problem which affects the SATA controller ports. It affects hard drive and optical drive in the long run. The problem is when you run these motherboards for a long term, the quality of your SATA port will degrade and eventually the transfer speed also decreases. But it only happens in Sandy Bridge’s new 6Gbps ports.

Intel’s hardware partner discovers this glitch by doing intensive stress-testing, so it does not affect normal users.

This type of problem is not present in the laptop & mobile chipset made by Intel. So it is only for the desktop user.

They have promised to replace all the motherboards, to customers, who bought it before noticing this glitch.

So, you have to wait for some time before this defective product is out of the market.

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