Problems with integrating data between Apple phone and cloud computing system

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I installed Apple’s cloud computing system to my phone so that I can easily integrate applications, but I recently noticed that the application fails to integrate with the media player application and updates I made on my phone do not reflect the update. This application prompted that my installation of the cloud computing system and at the same time using this media player application may cause to create copies of files, this has actually occurred.

Does this process still part of the standard processes of using this application? Please help me how I can resolve this.

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Problems with integrating data between Apple phone and cloud computing system


You are using Apple's cloud computing system to synchronize data from your phone. First you have to specify which phone are you using?

If you are using an iPhone then there is no such issue out there with the new IOS 5 installed on the device and the Apple cloud computing. Just hard reset your phone and reinstall the Apple cloud computing on your device.

If you are using another type of device then it is a standard process that it makes copies of those files. The reason behind this is that it handles the media player application separately making 1 copy for itself and the other for the application. You can try moving the data you want to synchronize to another computer and then access the Apple cloud computing system from there and do the synchronization process. It will hardly take 5-10minutes and you will have no problem doing so.

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