Problem starts when Linux box loses or MBP is outside home LAN

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Hello experts,

I am attempting to install CCC on my friend's MBP to follow the behavior of Time Machine and it runs totally.

I've put it to backing every hour, to my Linux box and also disabled the CCC update dialogues, as well as disabled Growl notices, and put it to 'e-mail me' after every time it finishes.

Then everything is working very well.

The problem starts when the Linux box loses or MBP is outside our home LAN. An error message is shown saying that the server could not be found.

I think, it is produced by OS X because of the style of this dialogue.

I need to disable this. Is there any way? I guess that OS X is showing this in reply to CCC identifying the API to join to the server.

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

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Problem starts when Linux box loses or MBP is outside home LAN



The cause of this error is because the Windows Management Instrumentation may be corrupted.

Try to follow these steps, it will help you a lot.

1.    Click the Start and choose Run.

2.    Type the cmd and Enter.

3.    Type also net stop winmgmt and Enter again.

4.    Navigate to %systemroot %system32wbem and delete Repository directory, it was located at C: Windows system32 wbem directory.

5.    Then switch to Command Prompt Window.

6.    Type the net start winmgmt and enter.

Hope it will help you a lot.

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