Problem running Firefox ad-ons after updating

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Some of my Firefox add-ons don't work after updating it.

They don't work even after reinstalling them.

What could be the problem?

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Problem running Firefox ad-ons after updating


Your add-ons were disabled when you update your Firefox. I will suggest you to upgrade your browser to newer version because add-ons are compatible now with Firefox newer version. It is possible that when you update your browser, your add-ons are set to off. What you can do is to do the following solutions below:

1. Check if there are updates or new versions for your add-ons. On the Firefox window, Hit the orange Firefox button and or the Tools option when you are using Windows XP and then click Add-ons. It will launch the Add-ons Manager tab.

2. Click the and then click then click the Check for Updates option.

3. After downloading the add-on updates, click the Restart now to complete installation.

If this doesn't work, go to the website of your add-ons and then download the compatible update/version for your Firefox or search for any alternative that has the same features and will work on your browser flawlessly.


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Problem running Firefox ad-ons after updating


They will really not work even if how many times you try reinstalling your web browser. The reason for this is incompatibility and it seems that you are not aware of it.

The add-ons you use in Mozilla Firefox depends its usage on the version of the web browser. There are add-ons that are only designed for a specific version of Mozilla Firefox and above that will make the extension unusable or incompatible. But this is not always the case.

There are add-ons in Mozilla Firefox that supports even future releases of the web browser and you only need to check its description to know until what version of the web browser it will work. Once the add-on became incompatible after upgrading your version of Mozilla Firefox, you only need to find a much updated version of the add-on to make it work again.

And the incompatible version that’s still installed needs to be uninstalled to avoid conflicts or errors in the browser. If you can’t find a much updated version then you’re only choice is to find an add-on with similar functionality to replace it.

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