Problem opening .zip files and .rar files

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I am having trouble with this .zip and .rar files and I do not know how to open them. I have recently had these .zip and .rar files and I will have to analysis on them for my work. So should some one know the solution please let me know. It is very important for me since it is related to my first assignment.

Dixon Chapman

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Problem opening .zip files and .rar files


Hey Dixon!

Do not worry about your assignment, I will tell you what to do with these .rar and .zip files.

Basically these are the compressed files and we must have software to extract these files.

There are many software in the markets but most commonly used software is "winrar".

This software is easy to use and is very user friendly.

Install this software and your problem is solved.

Once installed, right click on your .rar or .zip file and select Extract here. You will see your files.

You can search it from the Google. Here is also a link for you if you need.


Tunacao caaron

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Problem opening .zip files and .rar files


You wanted to extract rar files but failed.The cause may be files have been corrupted or broken.Corrupted files can not be extract or open easily but also difficult to edit,delete,move etc.While downloading by download manager it may break the checksums of compressed files.If you can manage enough par files,you can cover any missing data.But if you try harder to open corrupted files by winwar you may be succed.Try to rename your long file name into smaller one without changing the extension.

You may like this easy steps.1.You may download Recovery Toolbox for RAR from and can repair your corrupted files.This is a shareware and you have to buy it after a trial period.This tool is supported by maximum Windows version.2.Learn about the tool.3.Repair your files and open.Another tool:

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Problem opening .zip files and .rar files


I downloaded winrar and I can easily extract .rar or .zip files. It was very easy! Thank you very much ,  Tunacao_Caaron1.

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