Problem with my Dell laptop

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Hi guys,

I have Dell Inspiron N4010 Laptop.

When I watch movie it produces a noise and then restarts automatically.

Do you have any idea?


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Problem with my Dell laptop



This may occur for several reason. 

1. Corrupted file

2. Problem with your codec

3. Media player problem

Try to open same file in another PC. If it run without any problem, then we can say that the file is OK. It may also occur for codec problem. To solve this problem, you need to install codec in your PC. I can recommend you a codec software. It is Shark Codec. Download it from this link There may me another reason for this problem. It may be problem with your media player. Use VLC media player. It can play any format video.

Try those methods. I think your problem will be solved


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Problem with my Dell laptop


If your laptop is already giving out noise, one major cause of it is the cooling fan. You can never associate a corrupted file or a problem in the codec of a video to a problem like this. It is very unlikely that a file problem will cause or will affect an installed hardware or will cause hardware to fail. That is not possible.

If you’ll compare a laptop to an ordinary desktop computer, it is obvious that a laptop has a very small structure. It has a very limited space to fit and requires devices designed for it to have a perfect fit. But even if it has a very limited structure, it is still equipped with a cooling fan.

There’s no other device that will generate a noise besides a cooling fan. In fact, in desktop computers, it is the main cause why CPUs sometimes become noisy. This is because a normal CPU has several cooling fans installed inside. One for the processor, one for the video card, and the other is the CPU’s own exhaust fan.

So normally, there are 3 cooling fans that operate in a CPU. Since it is a laptop, your best choice of fixing it is to bring it to a qualified technician so the cooling fan can be replaced with a new one. You can’t fix a noisy cooling fan especially if it’s from a laptop. Your only solution is to replace it with a new one.

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