Problem converting InDesign documents to PDF

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I was trying to work out a document via InDesign to PDF. While I was trying to convert the data I got this error shown below. It used to work properly and I only got this error for the first time and I have nothing in mind about what is going on here. It’s the automation who sends this error message and it’s not coming from the InDesign alert. Does it have a problem with any other program connected to this? I need some help to fix my problem.

I have been using the Automator application for about 3 months now on a daily basis and everything has worked well for me. But yesterday, I ran into an error. I am trying to process an InDesign file to a PDF but I am not able to complete this task due to an error in getting the PDF Export Preset. I get an error message with error codes -750015:-1728. The error is reported from the Automator and not from the InDesign application. I thought of changing the PDF quality from the dropdown but the only available option here is ‘High Quality’. I am using Adobe InDesign CS2 with my Mac OS X 10.8.5. I have also installed all the recent updates. What could be causing a problem while exporting these presets? I am clueless as to where to search for the source of this error. Can someone here help me with this issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


An error occurred while the action 'Export

InDesign Document to PDR' was



Adobe InDesign CS2 got an error: Can't get PDF

export present "(High Quality Print)".

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Problem converting InDesign documents to PDF


Open up your original logo (or other design) file in Adobe Illustrator. Select the “i” or “l” character that appeared thick/bold in the PDF using the direct selection tool. Using the pen tool, create two additional anchor points exactly at the halfway point of each character (making a total of 6), as pictured below. Do this one by one for each character affected. Save the file, and transfer the design to Adobe InDesign, and the problem will be fixed. When you export to a PDF this time all characters display correctly. That’s it!

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