Problem on connecting to a wireless router: Microsoft

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The latest Microsoft operating system has restricted access to wireless router.

I am currently using the latest operating system version of Microsoft and going online has been easy for me. When I decided to activate the protection settings of my wireless router, my computer suddenly cannot hook up to the connection.

I have other several devices like portable computers, another personal computer a gaming console and android mobile phones that can easily use the internet via the wireless router but one particular computer has restricted permission even if the signal it detects is strong. Can you please explain why this happened and how can I resolve this so that I can have this computer go online again?

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Problem on connecting to a wireless router: Microsoft


The computer might be having restrictions connecting to the wireless router because you have disabled the network discovery options on your computer, and therefore the computer cannot be able to 'see'  the devices that are available on that network including the router.

You may have set the computer to use password protected sharing options on the network and that is you are being restricted to access the wireless router. What you will need to do is the following:

  • Go to the network and sharing center of the computer and turn network discovery on, and password protected sharing off under advanced sharing settings.



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Problem on connecting to a wireless router: Microsoft


There is a solution for your problem. Your new operating system has Network Access Protection (NAP). It is a new set of Operating system that you can see in Windows Vista®. It provides a platform to help ensure that client computers on a private network meet administrators requirements for their system health.  It also disallow other computer to access your network without authorization.

Here is how to open the NAP client configuration console:

1. Click Start
2. Click Run
4. Click OK.
5. Click Enforcement Clients

In the details pane

6. Right-click the enforcement client that you want to enable or disable

and then

7. click Enable or Disable.


After doing this, you are good to go. I wish it did help. Good Luck!


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