Popularity of the Smartphones in the market

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Since smartphones have become so popular the makers of gadgets such as digital cameras,portable GPS devices and digital music players are not taking this kindly why is this the case?

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Popularity of the Smartphones in the market


The reason why gadget makers such as digital cameras, portable GPS devices and music players are not taking this lightly is because, smart phone already has all this. Technically, smart phone is defined as a phone that has the features of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a camera feature phone. A feature phone is somewhat cheaper than smart phones that have all the basics of a phone. But smart phones have APIs or Application Programming Interface that is responsible for running 3rd party applications. Having powerful processors, graphic processing unit, vast memory storage, which makes Java and Flash run on your phone. 

Smart phones have access to many applications that can fit a person's needs. For instance, smart phones are also camera phones. And to keep up with the competition, camera phones are always updated to big megapixel. For instance, iPhone4S has 8.0MP and a Canon camera also has 8.0MP for the same price. Practicality speaking, it will be more practical to buy an iPhone4S because aside from its 8.0MP camera specification, it also has an mp3 player and a GPS with voice automated PDA (Siri). It is because not everyone is willing to buy a $350 camera if he can get one but with more features. Only people who have been meaning to buy a camera phone for hobby's sake or just been meaning to will buy a $350 camera. But if you only is aiming for a general purpose, that is to take a good picture with good resolution and megapixel, then a camera phone is more recommended.

Also, it is not much of a hassle to bring handful of gadgets. One mp3 player, a phone, a camera and a PDA. It takes a lot of space in your bag plus for security purposes is a big disadvantage. It is like having an all in one phone without going through the hassle of bringing a lot of gadgets.

Smart phones advances through and gadget makers are not taking this lightly because sometimes all gadget combined is the same as the price of a smart phone, and sometimes smart phones are cheaper.

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