Pop up message on the screen problem

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Hi there guys,

I have a problem on my computer. When every time I'm going to shutdown or restart my computer there's a pop up message on my screen. It's a yahoomessenger.exe, that needs to click end now. When I'm going to shutdown my pc, first I'm going to closed all the programs and files. But it makes me wonder why there's a pop up message when I press shutdown. What is the reason of that pop up message? Is it a virus? How can I remove that pop up message?

Please help me guys thanks in advance.


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Pop up message on the screen problem



This might be a virus or your consistently running program. I recommend you uninstall your yahoo messenger and install a new one. So far based from my experience on this program that yahoo will damage or has a bug after a few months from the date when i install the program.

With regards to closing all programs and files before shutdown problems, this is the basic operating in the computer in all Windows OS, this just a warning of the user that your need to save your files before you shut it down. Task manager adjustment can priorities what to be process 1st. If you want yahoo messenger to be processed last then you can adjust it on the Task Manager and Process. So that the program will not disturb you with it's pop-up messages.


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Pop up message on the screen problem


Is the message that pops up when you want to shut down your computer telling you to terminate the program forcefully, or is it telling you something that the yahoo program that you have mentioned is still running, and therefore you need to close it first?

As you know, yahoo messenger is an application that starts itself when you start your computer. It is quick launch program. And therefore, you may close its window thinking that you have closed it, but you need to look for it in the task bar and close it, or look for it in the task manager and close it from there.

Otherwise, when you try to close down your computer when the messenger is still running it will for sure bring you the prompt as you have just indicated above, asking whether you will like to close the computer forcefully or you will terminate the application first.


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