Poor Camera Performance problem with my LG Nexus 5

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Hi. My LG Nexus 5 Smartphone is facing some issues on its camera. Nowadays, Smartphones are known to have great features in all aspects. But my phone's camera is showing poor resolution and my pictures are usually blurred. It even has a slow auto-focus and shutter lag. I want to know if this is a normal issue with Nexus 5 or if not, what can I do to resolve this?

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Poor Camera Performance problem with my LG Nexus 5

I have read your questions and did a research. 
It seems that most of the users aren't happy about the camera performance of your device. So, it is safe to say that your issue is related to the Camera performance of your Nexus 5.
The pictures shouldn't be blurry though. Set every camera setting as default and check if the problem is there. Blur can also happen from shaking hands or scratch on the lens glass. So, keep your lens glass clean and don't shake while capturing the photo. 
In addition, you can go to camera setting and set the picture quality at best to get a better picture.
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Poor Camera Performance problem with my LG Nexus 5


If you get a poor or low resolution when taking pictures with your Nexus Smartphone, try adjusting the resolution of the camera. Every camera-enabled mobile phone has an option or feature that allows you to adjust the resolution of the camera when taking pictures. If you get a low resolution when taking pictures, adjust the resolution of the camera and set it to the highest setting.

But if you really have a problem with the camera, the only thing you can do is to reset the device back to its factory defaults. This will restore all the settings and configurations of the Smartphone back to the factory settings. When you do this, you will lose all the changes you made to the settings of the phone.

To factory reset your Nexus Smartphone, first, back up all your phone’s data to the microSD card and the contacts to your SIM card. Once everything is backed up, remove the microSD card and the SIM card from the phone. Next, tap the “All apps” icon then go to “Settings”. Scroll down to “PERSONAL” then tap “Backup & reset” and then “Factory data reset”.

Lastly, tap “RESET PHONE”. See if this works.

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