PC has slowed down-antivirus problem need help

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My PC has suddenly slowed down. I think it is because of my anti-virus. I have recently installed Kapsersky internet security and since than It is working like an old man. I do not what to do. 

Is there a way to solve this problem.

I need the internet security since use the internet a lot. 

Kindly someone help me out of this problem.

Arnold Huang

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PC has slowed down-antivirus problem need help


Internet Security might have caused your system to slow down but you cannot be very sure of it. There can be other reasons too like any other application consuming your system memory. Did you run the antivirus and make sure your system has no virus which is consuming the memory?

If no, then run the antivirus. If you still face the issue then try and Uninstall the antivirus software.

https://support.kaspersky.com/6597: shows you how to uninstall the same.

You can also Try McAfee or Avast antivirus if Kapsersky is an issue.

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PC has slowed down-antivirus problem need help


The system speed most often is dependent on the memory it uses for different processes. So, you can say that the anti-virus program might be using a huge amount of usable memory of your system.

You can have this issue resolved by doing any of the following,

  • Check for the memory that your antivirus program is using. Right click on the Start bar and choose task manager. Under processes tab check the amount of memory in KBs associated with the name of the antivirus. If it is huge you can End this process temporarily (but this can put your system in a risk)
  • Expanding the physical memory will be a good approach. You can buy more RAM in order to get high processing speeds.
  • You can also use a USB stick as a part of RAM for some time. To do this just right click on the USB drive name and choose Properties then under Ready Boost tab choose “Dedicate this device for ready boost”.

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