PC getting hanged due to too much load

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My pc is getting frozen too much lately. I do not know what is causing it but I think it is due to too much load in the hard disk. But I cannot find a way to solve this problem. Should someone know what is exactly causing this problem and why please notify me as soon as possible.

Evin Gizmo
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PC getting hanged due to too much load



Screen freezing can be very frustrating especially when you are doing some projects and cannot save them after spending too much time creating them. 

There are a lot of reasons why a screen may freeze. One is if the memory of your system is not enough to run multiple programs at the same time, which is really annoying especially if you need those programs open to finish something or to meet a deadline. 

However, if your RAM is not enough, then you will have to upgrade it to be able to run multiple programs at the same time without having the trouble of getting screen freezing issue. Before you decide to get an additional RAM though, you might want to try the following first to see if they will help you solve your issue:

  1. Do a regular PC Maintenance. Check your system and clean your registry.
  2. Scan your system to remove any viruses or Malwares that may be affecting your computer’s performance.
  3. Defrag your system at a regular basis. At least once or twice a month.
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PC getting hanged due to too much load



Right Evin Gizmo,your pc can be frozen too much lately because of low ram or virtual memory. Programs require virtual memory to run well. And that is why you should not run multiple programs at a time.

Again my suggestion to you that uninstall some programs that are not important. You may run some programs or games without installing.

Your computer may get slow or hanged for more files in C drives.So please do not store any files in C drives. Be careful do not delete program files from C drives. Then try to check your all files and folders and delete the unnecessary files. Scan your computer and delete the virus attacked files or program.

All this action may help you without adding additional RAM. And again if you have not reinstalled your operating system for long time then please reinstall it.

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