Over Quota error persists despite archiving in Lotus Notes

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I continue receiving Over Quota Error warnings and was told by colleagues that e-mails sent to me are still bouncing back despite my mailbox's free space.

I have archived my older e-mails as per a colleague's advice. I was told that this will free up my mailbox space without having to delete any correspondence.

I do not understand why lotus notes is still telling me that my mailbox is full.

What do i do?



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Over Quota error persists despite archiving in Lotus Notes


Hey Andy Ryan

  • You tried manually deleting them and running a Tell router compact command. If this fails you may have to delete the mail.box       

So the following is “generic” troubleshooting , although it might help anyway.

Have you done a fixup – compact – updall on the server rather than the client? I.e., close completely out of the mailfile. Go to the Administrator client, go to the server and get on the server console. Use the following commands in this order, and wait for one to complete before starting the next: load fixup (yourmailfilename).nsf; load compact (yourmailfilename).nsf -d; load updall (yourmailfilename).nsf -r. This clears over 90% of my mailfile corruption and stubborn view issues.

Hope this helps you.

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