Output of Griffin Stereo Cable

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I was thinking of buying a Griffin stereo cable. But I was wondering if the sound output of the speaker is a true stereo signal or is it a combined mono? I don't care about the output for the headphone since it's just for cueing; rather I am more concerned with the output for speakers. Thank you in advance.

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Output of Griffin Stereo Cable


Hallo Pauline White,

The griffin's stereo cable will split the output so that you can cue and mix using a real disc jockey. Furthermore, the cable will take output from the device you are using and turn it into two mono signals. But in case you have the software that is used for splitting installed on the device that you are using, then it is possible that you could use any stereo to mono splitter for doing the same job.

So you should not be scared, because the sound output from the speakers will be a true stereo signal when you use the griffin's cable.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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