Outlook crashed with error : “Cannot process services, not enough memory. ”

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Hi! I have a machine that runs on Windows 7 and it uses Microsoft Outlook 2007.

My calendar would open but as soon as I check my email or my contacts, Outlook would crash.

I also get this error message saying “Cannot process services, not enough memory.

Please close other programs and try again.”

The thing is I still get the same error message even if Outlook is the only program running.

My computer is a Dell 8300 with i5 Intel processor and has 6MB worth of RAM.

Is there any way for me to fix this?

This has really become frustrating for me.

Thank you in advance.

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Outlook crashed with error : “Cannot process services, not enough memory. ”



This problem has been reported by multiple users, and in order to tackle this issue you have to follow the instructions on STEP-BY-Step basis:

1. First of all try to run the outlook in safe mode, to do this you have to.

close Outlook. Click on Start – All Programs – Accessories – Run

In the open box copy and paste without qoutation “ Outlook /safe” and press ok

If you see outlook opening and all mails loaded, then you have to disable all addins, before opening the outlook in normal mode.

To disable the addins: (both Com addins and exchange client extensions) follow the instructions provided in the link.

After disabling the addins, now Restart the outlook. Hopefully your problem will be resolved


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Outlook crashed with error : “Cannot process services, not enough memory. ”


Try to uninstall and then reinstall your Microsoft Outlook 2007 application.

It may be corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. Also check your computer for viruses and malware by running a full system scan with your security software.

It is possible that you received and infected email and it is causing your Microsoft Outlook 2007 application to crash.

Also make sure you have enough virtual memory in your machine.

While you have more than enough memory to handle a number of applications at a time, Microsoft Outlook 2007 may require some page file to keep it running fine, just like other applications that don't make use of RAM for all its functions.

Try and disable your startup items and non-Microsoft services and see if it helps.

It could be one of your background applications that's causing a conflict with your email application causing it to crash.

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